Guadalupe is an active art district with a dozen studios and provides the wall space for many magnificent murals and street art, not to be missed by visitors or residents.

Guadalupe Art Walk Artist

Guadalupe Art Walk Artist 


 1.         Denise Grohs


Denise Grohs Art

Calle Juan de Dios Peza 17

2.         Rhoda Draws

Urban sketches I Figurative painting

Calle Carlos del Castillo 22

3.         S. van den Berg

van den Berg I Neo Expressionist Artist

Calle Juan de Dios Peza 28 (2nd 28, past church)

4.         Kassie Dummett

Kassie Dummett Fine Art Calle Cri Cri 34

5.         Mary van de Wiel

Black Line Crazy

Calle Farolito 6

6.         September Heart

Calle Estrellita 3-A

7.         Larry Chait Photo Based Art

Calle Estrellita 3-A

8.         Valeria Morgante

Valeria Morgante Ilustración

Calle Cri Cri 6

9.         Regina Wong

Atelier Community

Calle María Grever 5

10.       Myke Reilly

Casa Sunshine

Calle Margarito Ledezma 7

11.       Complejo Cultural Guadalupe

Calle Antonio Plaza 7

12.       Ramon Aviña

PACIFICÓ Taller de Grabado, Ilustración y Escultura

Privada Aurora 5